Jason DeLoss

Profile Updated: July 22, 2008
Residing In: Griffin, GA USA
Spouse/Partner: Destiny
Occupation: IBM Software Group
Children: Gloriana, age 4
Yes! Attending Reunion

Graduated from Colorado State University in 1994. I moved back to Sioux City and worked for Gateway. I moved to Boston in 1997 where I lived for 3 years. I re-located to Atlanta in 2000 where I presently reside and work for IBM.

School Story:

I have many fond memories of the class of 88. From my dad's ski trips to Colorado, Football games, Baseball, and a few Friday nights up on 35th Street, those were some good times.

I just had to come back and see how everyone is doing. As an un-official apprentice of the "CTP", I trust it's ok if I crash the party...

*Arlon Cloudus..need I say more
* Arlon Flips off Mrs Julius in class, runs down the hall, Harold the Janitor in chase high stepping down the hall! Carol Altman says aloud in class: "Oh my god Arlon flipped off our teacher!"

* Knocking on Altman's door at 6am on a Saturday morning to go to Sunshine for doughnuts and Dave coming to the door in boxer shorts. Dave says "Son, are you aware that it's 6 o'clock in the...morning!"
* Halloween party at Bertnes's 1981

* Rollerama Couples Skate to Air Supply love ballads!
* Zippos' arcade and Coney Island
* Girl's wanting to look like Olivia Newton John in her "physical" video.
* Summer pickup Baseball games at Hubbard park.

*Mr. Feikama and his cleats he wore to class

* Mr. Feikama's one armed pushups

* Quiet Riot, Tom Kloucek bringin hisVan Halen 1984 album (that's not a typo..album) to school, Motley Crue "Shout at the Devil", Prince, and the premier of Footloose.

*Breakdancing...c'mon dude admit it..you had the cardboard box in the basement you practiced your windmill on!

*Izod's, O.P., Polo's and friendship pins!

*. Mr Town's and the Diet Fudge Cola Revolution..

*. Country Western Dancing in PE with Coach Wing

*. The David Logue/Paul Kelly fight in the hall that took Mr. Brazzel, Pfieffer, and Coach Wing to Break up!

* The additional Hoover Band Drum Rap that Altman intertwined on the fly that was awesome and almost gave Mr. Lake a Heart Attack!

* Mr. Slavik and "small capital letter's"

*Summer of 85 parties at Page Chamber's..

* Homecoming Fall 87 and taking over the little mom and pop hotel in South Sioux...only to have South Sioux's finest take all of us over!

* What I wouldn't give to hear coach Dornon say "Yates!!! you Jughead" One more time..

* Evy Mckewen in the counselor's office and being a "runner" for the counselor's. This also entailed an occasional "runner" trip to McDonalds..

* The Cobowy Boots on Friday's with your Football jersey "thing"

* Tim McCuddin's impersonation of "Coach Critter" in a tirade..."Cheez and Rice!!!"

* Dad's Ski trip 1987: Dad walks into a room with me, Kuta, Hettinger, Gettner, and some others..on the floor is a couple of 2 liter's of Purple Passion..Dad says "Hmm never heard of that soda pop before!"

*Bush 41 visit to North and my dad turning on the sprinkler in the rootop nursery. Little did he know that was where the Secret Service put all of it's electronics for surveillance!!

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Jason DeLoss has a birthday today.
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Posted: Mar 07, 2014 at 12:00 AM
My Wife Destiny, Daughter Gloriana and I on vacation in Newport R.I.
Posted: Mar 07, 2014 at 12:00 AM
My Daughter Gloriana