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Kennedy Mussack

Kennedy Mussack 15 years, 8 months, 13 days old. Entombment: Calvery Cemetery Omaha Nebraska. He attended Hoover and North before moving to Omaha in January of 1985.

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05/23/08 02:18 AM #1    

Matthew Martinson

I remember Kennedy had a party(all boys) Beals,Donovan,Hutton,Me,Munson and others attended to play Intelevision.We stayed up all night for the first time in my life. Kennedy was the most fun of guys and always seemed to be wearing a smile. I think Dan and I walked all the way home to Leeds with no sleep under our belts and I slept all day. Funny I remember those things but that was probably the first bonding I had with guys other than Tim and Dan. Ill always remember those good times. May your soul rest in peace brother Kennedy. You were taken way too soon and you made our worlds better when you were around!

05/26/08 11:30 PM #2    

Jay Goodman

I remember that party at Kennedy's as well. It's funny how you can remember a night like that 25 years ago. I can't think of Kennedy without that smile on his face. Always a nice guy with nothing but good to say about people. It's funny how the people and times in junior high shape your your life. I think we were extremely lucky to go to school with the kids we did.

05/27/08 02:39 AM #3    

Jordan Walton

I remember our freshman football practices and how Kennedy worked really hard and would never give up. That inspired me. He had braces on his teeth which I thought was pretty cool.

06/02/08 11:53 AM #4    

Jennifer Henjes (Edson)

I remember the first day Kennedy came to Bryant School in 6th grade. He looked (and acted) so much older than all of the rest of us. I was assigned to take him around and introduce him. He needed no introduction. He was the cool kid from Omaha and was so friendly that he instantly had about 10 friends the first day. And then in HS, he and Kuta were so cute together. Sadly I also remember his funeral and that I had never had a friend die. Several of us from SC went down to Omaha and I think it was a big comfort for his mom to see how many people loved him in his short life. Thanks for putting mention of him on the site Dana, he was a great guy!

06/06/08 05:31 PM #5    

Greg Peck

Walking home from North one day and something hit my left foot pretty hard. I stopped and looked around and Kennedy had just shot me with a BB gun from his bedroom window yep he was smiling. I guess that was the ice breaker between us as I hung out a few times at his place after that, he was always really cool I thought. He seemed more "together" than anyone else I knew at the time. When I go for walks with my kids I still think about that, and they are getting tired of hearing the story.

06/18/08 05:13 PM #6    

Amy Patterson (Howard)

I remember always borrowing Kennedy's moped. He was the most generous person I have ever met. Needless to say I about killed myself wiping out on it on the way to the old arcade at Indian Hills.
I echo the comment: May you rest in peace, brother.

07/03/08 07:07 PM #7    

Joe Beals


Indeed Kennedy was a good shot with that BB gun...He would take pot shots at those painting the traffic box as well. Or call the cops and watch them run - very devious sense of humor: probably why we got along so well.

Too many stories and memories to write here...he is missed.

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